Barbara’s Story

You know how you can have a luxurious car with all the bells and whistles, and still not enjoy the ride because your mind is in a really bad place? Maybe you had a fight with your husband, and you are ugly-crying with snot all over. You feel overwhelmed, but you’re still going through all the motions. It feels like you aren’t even in control of the car because you have no sense of what the point of the stupid car is and you are so miserable, regardless of all the luxuries. 

Overwhelmed and not enjoying the ride.

This is pretty much how my life felt a few years ago.

I had everything: clean drinking water, a husband, kids, grandkids, no crazy financial pressures, a great church family, a good job. I went through the motions daily, but there was a deep-seated unfulfilled feeling on the inside of me. Was I not supposed to do something greater with my life? What’s the point of it all?

Such a sense of “I’ll never be enough.” 

I did a lot of “buffering”: shopping, working out, studying, eating, facebooking, spider solitairing, etc—kind of like adding more bells and whistles to my luxurious car.

But the ride still wasn’t fun.

Looking for answers, I eventually bumped into a program that introduced me to the science of thoughts, and how thoughts determine our lives. 

Intrigued, I signed up for it and worked with it for one year, doing the daily work it required. I saw myself change.

I started to feel alive and purposeful again. I stopped feeling overwhelmed. 

It tasted like hope.

I stepped into a life where my thoughts are no longer random. I choose them on purpose.

I am taking the driver’s seat of my life the way God intended me to. Enjoying the ride, I am living my very best life.


No more drama.


Using the knowledge of brain and thought science as well as Godly principles from the Word of God, you too can be empowered to live YOUR best life!

This is a simple five-step process that revolutionizes everything!

  1. Become aware of thoughts
  2. Recognize toxic ones
  3. Dismantle toxic thoughts (and therefore, dangerous neuro-pathways)
  4. Create new thoughts
  5. Get results driven by the new thoughts.

This unique approach absolutely guarantees the end of overwhelm if you do the work.



I am now a hope-bucket filler!

Using this amazing approach, I help people climb out of overwhelm and into purposeful living, regardless of their circumstances. As a result, they are finding themselves less stressed, lose stubborn weight, turn difficult marriages around, handle work/family life balance better, and even enjoy their “difficult” kids.


Here is what Monica had to say:

“I did not know Barbara when I had my first conversation with her. I realized later that it was, in fact, a divine appointment. I had been struggling with a certain stronghold ever since I was a small child. With the gifts that God has given her, we began to navigate this issue and God used her to help me break free. I am truly thankful!”      


Here is what Valerie had to say:

“My mini-session with Barb was like having a skilled guide to take me through a confusing maze. Barb asked me pertinent questions to identify my varied and jumbled thoughts, and I answered with the first answers that came to my mind. That was my “You are here” beginning. Moving forward with more questions, I found myself feeling settled on certain thoughts–those that would be keepers. Other thoughts felt toxic; those I could discard. Drawing closer to my speedy destination, Barb bundled together my healthy thoughts I could tuck away and bring out to chew on so that they could be etched in my brain to lead me in this next leg of my journey. If you need similar help to clarify and move forward in your thoughts and feelings, I highly recommend Barb for your Life Coach.”        


I’d like you to sign up for a free mini session on the phone with me so that you can get a glimpse of what this freedom from overwhelm looks like. You will be so glad you did. No strings attached whatsoever, I promise. And if you see the benefit of this work, I will show you more ways that I can help you,

Click here to request your free mini session with me!

I am looking forward to meeting you.


Using this amazing approach, I also write books to teach people that they can fill their own buckets full of hope! My first book is written especially for kids. WAITING FOR ISAIAH, is coming out in November 2018.