On Broken Dreams and Seasons

At the end of broken dreams, your heart is broken. Your spirit is crushed. People don’t really know how to handle you, and you have no idea how to go on.

The truth is, we all have experienced these seasons of pain. And the issue is never the pain of the broken dream, because that part is simply a part of being a human. Just like the seasons come and go and we can absolutely count on that, so it is with life’s experiences: some will bring us to the top of the mountain, and some will lead us to a deep, dark valley. Not one of us is exempt.

Some of us have handled these valleys well, while others not so good. Some of us have handled them well at times, and not at other times.

The handling is always the issue.

So, what are we supposed to do when faced with a crushed dream? Are we supposed to just pick up and keep going as though we were machines? Or is it okay to be overwhelmed with grief and sorrow? How are we supposed to act? The Scriptures says that there is a time for every season, and so it is. There is a time for grief and sorrow, but joy comes in the morning.

Nature teaches us a lot about these things. See, every single year, there is a spring and a summer. And every single year, there is a fall and a winter. But the spring comes again and this is an endless cycle.

Spring. Summer. Fall. Winter. And then spring again. Not just once, but throughout your entire life.


Spring is the time for energy, planning and working, for being rejuvenated by the sun that is making every thing green. Spring is hard work and feeling alive, sensing the joy of preparing. Spring is for planting. And it is okay to be tired at the end of the day in spring. And it is okay to have a focused imbalanced in the spring seasons of your life. Because we must use the days to work the soil, enrich it in preparation for receiving the seeds, and then plant carefully. And each day is full to the brim. And each night is filled with excitement and the accomplishment of the day.How are you handling your springs? Wasting them playing solitaire? Running with the opportunities that present themselves?


Summer brings long days where life slows down under the weight of the sun and the heat all around. It is the time for watching the seeds grow; it is time for thinning the crop and caring for it by protecting it from insects and making sure they get the nutrients they need, either form nature or through our feeding them.  Because we must use the days to work with what we have planted, and be okay with letting go some of it while concentrating on what is doing well. Letting the heat of summer evenings slow us down is just the right thing, and long conversations on the porch remind us that life is all about relationships. How are you handling your summers, friends? Complaining about the heat that is necessary to grow your crop? Or working with it and letting it burn up what is not healthy while feeding what is doing great?

thIn the fall, the days have lost their oppressive heat and it is time for harvest. If we do not harvest in the fall, we waste all of our hard work. But basket-fulls of harvest do not come knocking on our doors. We must gently pick each fruit and place it in the basket, careful to not bruise it. And the days are getting shorter, so there is no time to waste as the harvesting is hard joyful work. We sense the joy of reaping, the excitement of having accomplished something and we get to see with our eyes what we have been doing in hope all through spring and summer. Hope realized tastes wonderful, so fall is the time for banquets of joy and thanksgiving as we see our work come to fruition. How are you handling your falls? Taking them for granted? Or are you fully aware of the abundance that is coming, and letting your hands do the work and your heart do the singing?

frozen-waterfall_41959Winter is the time for cold, dark days, and our bones that sometimes cannot get warmed up, and the bodies that don’t want to move very fast. It has its own beauty, but it is a season of death, and that is okay. Because if the seed does not die, it cannot produce what it needs to produce. And if the insects don’t die in the frozen earth, they come back with a vengeance the next year, and everything is out of balance. Winter is the time to let ourselves grieve and sorrow. It’s okay. Because we know that spring is right around the corner.

It has always been this way, and it forever will be.



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