Creative Writing: Boots on the Ground

God had prepared me weeks ahead with this verse: “Behold, the former things have come to pass. Now I declare new things; before they spring forth, I proclaim them to you.” (Is 43:9)

I knew exactly what was coming.

Yet when the day came to step forward, I was gripped with fear. The job description was daunting. No way on earth I was up to the task.

“That’s exactly why you are right for the job,” I heard Him say.

Everything is right side up with the Lord, isn’t it?  

Performance is what gets us ahead in this world, yet reliance is what He requires of me.

Eloquence is what gets us noticed, yet listening well is what He wants from me.

Education and degrees are what this world demands, yet God only seeks my yes.



I took the job, boots on the ground. I was inundated with tasks–little tasks, big tasks, impossible tasks, humongous lists of never-ending tasks.

I stepped into the position, boots on the ground. I was called upon to make decisions–little decisions, big decisions, impossible decisions, humongous lists of never-ending decisions.

I walked into this impossible situation, boots on the ground, and the impossible was expected of me.

“That’s exactly why you are right for the job,” I heard Him say.

So I breathe in grace, and wisdom is granted.

So I breathe out His love, and oppression lifts.

They used to be clients. I see them as guests.

They are still underemployed, a little slow, underprivileged, lazy, welfary, dirty, crazy, perverted, needy, leachy, demanding, unreasonable, thieves, the scum of the earth. I see them as needy, funny, tender, hungry, hurt, abused, and above all, loved.

Boots on the ground.

The daunting job description no longer intimidates me. God Himself changed it for me.

He is entrusting me with the welfare of this little Center of His. The welfare of a few of His favorite people. The welfare of a place that they call “home” for a few hours each day.

It is a high calling indeed. It is an impossible calling indeed.

“That’s exactly why you are right for the job,” I hear Him say.


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