Your very own private blue print for godly empowerment

How would you like to stop the tormenting war inside your head? To build a life filled with purpose? To have a sense of godly control of your thoughts?

Do you need to eliminate the gap between how you do life and the way God says life should be? 

What would your life be like if you could stop feeling like a victim? Does your life ever feel like a prison? 


If you answered YES to at least one of these questions, then keep reading; this program is for YOU! 

My name is Barbara Isaac and I am the founder of Barbara Isaac Coaching where I inspire, motivate and challenge women to win the battle for their minds by teaching them to work together with the Holy Spirit, leaving behing any kind of victim-mentality and helplessness. 

And believe me, I can relate:

I felt like a victim, while knowing I should be a conqueror. 

I did my daily "quiet time," went to church, served my community, smiled big on the outside, but I was crying on the inside most of the time... I certainly wasn't winning the war of taking my thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ.

     MY LIFE


               THE FREEDOM  

                     THAT THE WORD OFFERS...                          

And with every birthday, my mind kept saying ugly things to me. I swallowed it all. Miserable on the inside, but smiling big on the outside.  


He asked me a question that changed everything.

“Why do you insist on living a lie?” He said. 

I tried to reason with Him-- didn't He know it doesn't feel like a lie?


And finally, I yielded.

I repented, and began the journey of building an overcoming life by His grace.

Really doing it. One tiny, daring step at a time. 

I relearned to believe Him. To change my thoughts. To speak truth.

He led me. And I walked out of my prison. One tiny, daring step at a time. 


I learned to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.

I proved to myself that I am free to choose godly thoughts.

I saw that I can destroy toxic thoughts.

I became convinced that the Word of God empowers me daily "where the rubber meets the road."

I learned to dare being pro-active in every area of my life.

I let Holy Spirit coach me into heavenly freedom.

Now, I know how to braid myself with God and hear from Him.

Now, I know my purpose and live accordingly.

Now, I have boldness to my "can't" into "can.

Now, I am intentional about living my purpose.

I no longer let situations dictate where my mind goes.

And I can take you with me! 

I can teach you how to let Holy Spirit become your intimate coach on a daily basis concerning EVERYTHING!  You will come alive!  


Wanna journey with me?

At the end of each month, you will: 

Have mastered the monthly concept;

Have taken action that will prove to yourself how changed you are; 

Have dismantled one toxic thought network and built a healthy one.


What "Building an Overcoming Life" looks like

(Basically, it's a roadmap to MIND FREEDOM!):


Each month (twenty-eight day period), you'll:

  • work on one specific concept with thought work that includes a weekly verse of Scripture, daily thought downloads (TDL), Models and specific activities that will move you forward in life. You'll also tackle the actual dismantling of a toxic thought network while building a new, healthy one. All of that in about 10 minutes a day.


  • recieve a video about the month's concept, and another video describing in easy terms what you are supposed to do during your ten minutes every day.


  • get a daily practice sheet if you choose to use it--I don't, I just use my journal. 


  • have access to a closed online community where you'll have the opportunity to interact with other women who have decided to build an overcoming life in Christ. 


  • have four video group coaching calls where I will meet you, speak with you, answer any question you might have, and coach you on any issue you would like coaching. The call will be on different days and times each week so as many of you as possible will be able to catch a few. The calls will be recorded and made available to you the next day.






MONTH ONE: Circumstance never Need to Hinder You 

Our first month together is all about "facts." You'll see that "facts" don't have any emotional pull until we give them meaning; this is such an empowering revelation--you won't need to  that feel victimized by "stuff" anymore.

You'll destroy one toxic thought network and build a beautiful new one.


MONTH TWO: Building Godly Confidence 

This month, you'll consider where confidence comes from (and it's probably not what you think). I'll challenge you to do uncomfortable things, and you'll be amazed to see that you actually can do difficult things.

At the same time, you'll dismantle another toxic network of toxic thoughts and build some beautiful new ones.  


MONTH THREE: Organizing Your Mind to Overcome 

An organized life and an organized mind go hand- in-hand and you're going to take massive action to accomplish both. By the end of the month, you'll feel way  better about your outside and your inside life.

Again, you'll dismantle one network of thoughts that have been working against you and build a new, healthy one. 


MONTH FOUR: Godly Management of Relationships 

The training this month has to do with relationships, and how you can be very intentional about them, whether you see them as useful, painful, blessed, disempowering or uplifting. You will take action toward being in charge of your thoughts concerning them, and dismantle/build a network of thoughts. This will be transformational!


MONTH FIVE: Discover and Move into Your Life Purpose 

By now, you've grown so much in your awareness of the power of your thoughts and your choices.. This month, you'll dig into your life purpose at a deeper level and take daily action in view of it, moving you forward in your calling.

You'll also dismantle a toxic thought network and build a new one.


MONTH SIX: Emotional Balance 

Emotions are so very powerful, because they trigger your actions. This month, you'll consider the difference between indulgent emotions and useful emotions, whether you see them as "good" emotions, or bad "emotions." You'll practice observing your emotions and being purposeful about the ones you allow.

You will destroy one more network of thoughts while building a healthy new one and automatizing it.


MONTH SEVEN: Godly Time Management

This month, we are going down to the nitty-gritty of what you think about your time and how you spend it. You will decide on specific thoughts about time that serve you, and be very intentional about how you spend your time. You'll probably accomplish more this month than you have ever accomplished in any month of your life thus far!

Of course, you'll also destroy a toxic thought you have about your schedule and replace it with a useful one with the help of Holy Spirit. 


MONTH EIGHT: Godly View of Your Past 

It's time to address how you view your past. This month, you will revisit your thoughts about your past and actually decide what to keep and what not to keep. This can be the most empowering month you have gone through yet, and it might free you from a lot of junk.

You'll also destroy one thought network about your past and build a new, beautiful one. 


MONTH NINE: "Uniquely You"

In Month Nine, you will see how valuable you are just as you are, with the exact gifts you have, and you'll take massive action in view of you being "uniquely you."

Of course, you will destroy a toxic thought network that you have in viewing yourself and build a healthy new one.


MONTH TEN: Godly Money Management 

It's time to challenge your  thoughts about money, regardless of whether you have a lot of it or not. You'll have an opportunity to grow greatly in your faithful handling of your financial resources.

You will also dismantle a toxic thought on money and build a new, useful one. 


MONTH ELEVEN: Removing Buffering 

We are almost at the end of our twelve months of work in building an overcoming life. This month, you're going to tackle the different ways you buffer in life--social media, food, wine, etc. You'll find that God Himself can truly be all the comfort you need. This is such an important month! 


MONTH TWELVE: Building an Overcoming Future 

How do you view your future? This month, you'll  decide what kind of future you exaclty want. Then you will go out there and create it, by the grace of God, while destroying the wrong thoughts you have had about it.

You will have built an overcoming life by braiding yourself with God at every step. Talk about living in newness of life! 

Barb is all about your success and knows exactly when to push and when to be soft. She changes lives.


Barb is  a very thoughtful and well informed life coach who really is invested in what she does for the success and well being of her clients.

I can’t put my finger on what it is exactly, but there is something about Barb Croce, that when you are in her presence, you want to be your best self. Then, when she coaches you–no matter what your goal–she leads you down this path and when you get to where you are going, you find yourself even better than your best.


    Are you ready to build an overcoming life that lines up with God's Word?

    Your BUILD AN OVERCOMING LIFE investment is $130.00 a month and you can cancel any time! 

    I want you fully satisfied with your BUILDING OF AN OVERCOMING LIFE! If you come to all the sessions and participate to the best of your ability and still don’t feel you are getting what you need out of the program, I will refund your money within 30 days. 

    • q-iconWhat If I cannot make the live coaching sessions?

      All the calls will be recorded, so you can listen to it at your leisure and as often as you wish.

    • q-iconDo you have a payment plan?

      No, the $97 investment is due in the beginning of each month. We have found that people are much more invested when they pay upfront for a program. However, if within 30 days you think this is not your cup of tea, we will refund you your $97 investment, no questions asked.

    • q-iconIs there a lot of homework?

      You can expect to spend about 15 minutes a day at least with your practice. You certainly can invest more time if you can!

    • q-iconThe technology scares me. Will I be helped?

      Yes, I am always available to help you step by step. You will have a link to register as soon as you sign up, and this link will take you to your course every single day. You will also have a link to the secret Facebook Group, and I will send you a link to click on for every video call.

    • q-iconI don't want the whole world to know I am doing this. How does that work?

      Only the other women involved in the program will know you are doing this Program. Our community is a secret group, and no one can see it but the people who are in it.

    • q-iconAre you available outside of the coaching calls?

      Yes, I will be very active in the community group and I am just a message away! I am committed and invested into your success!

    • q-iconWhy is this program so long?

      We did not want to shortchange you! We found that it takes a year to really assimilate new habits and change the way we think. But you will clearly feel more empowered after every single day you do the work.

    “Thank you for your caring, knowledgeable guidance in this course.  I genuinely appreciate your  help. I especially appreciated the personal coaching and the caring attitude of the facilitator. A tremendous value; I’m so glad I participated.”


    Are you ready to change your life forever?

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