Creative Writing: Dawn Watching

“Every moment has its purpose in the dawning of the day,” my husband says as we watch the daybreak in minuscule increments of time. “And it’s pretty much like that for all of life, isn’t it?”

I don’t understand the process of darkness making way to light. The dance is so slow that I do not notice the movement, and yet so fast that all of a sudden it’s over–time unexplainably woven into moments of darkness and light, fulfilling a purpose much greater than I understand; moments intrinsically fused into each other and yet precisely different, each one ushering the next purposefully.

I close my eyes and remember a walk in the woods this summer when I met a Great Dane and loved everything about him–to the point of yearning for a dog just like him. But much research left me empty-handed, and I grew more frustrated every day with my desire for a dog.

“You have to just give that longing to God,” my friend Kathy had said to me.

So I had.

“Lord, you know I want a BIG dog, preferably a Great Dane. I know my unsettled heart is not a good thing, so I’m going to leave this yearning into Your hands.” 

Every moment has its purpose. I don’t really know all the ins and outs of my heart, but I know that letting go was just the right thing. I went on living my life with a lightened heart. 

A mere five days later, an email popped up in my inbox from a dog adoption site informing me of a Great Dane available in my area. Flabbergasted, I reread the message a few times. It said what it said.

Two days later, we adopted our HUGE Great Dane Mini. 

There are many layers to Mini’s story, and just like the dawning of the day, each one ushered the next, from my meeting in the woods to Kathy speaking to me, from surrendering my longing to my inbox message, from my husband’s profound statement to the realization of God’s involvement in the ordinary of our lives. 


The day has fully dawned by now and my coffee has grown cold. Sunlight fills the air and has invaded every inch of our little sunroom, much like a child’s laughter that bubbles deep from within and spills over. My heart revels in it, and I want to bottle the moment to hold it forever. But then, I remember truth–each moment has its purpose, ushering the next. I cannot hold on to any of them tightly, for each one is the key to the next, and the next. 


May I hear God’s unexplainable love story in all the Great Danes of my life. May I understand His ways in the dawning of each new day. 

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