Creative Writing: White Woods

I have walked the paths of Whites Woods for at least fifteen years, pouring my heart out to God day in and day out while breathing in the beauty all around. 

Whites Woods is the Potter’s Wheel for me; it is where much of my molding and shaping happens as He takes what is and makes it into what He plans. It is my place of deepest joy and rawest humbling.

As I walk today, I notice a path I never saw before. How could I not have seen it in all these hundreds, if not thousands of walks? But it is inviting, so I take it. 

The path has twists here and there and I get turned around a few times, not quite sure of where I am, yet thoroughly enjoying the journey, unafraid, aware of the Lord granting me this moment. Drawing on my fifteen years of White Woods experience, I eventually find my way back to the familiar, delighted in the unexpected gift of uncharted territory that somehow fills my heart with delight.

“Thank You God,” I whisper. 

“Will you receive it?” He answers.

“Receive what?” I ask.

“My invitation to the New, the Uncharted, the Unknown that I have for you.”The birds fill the air with their song, and in that moment I have no doubt that their melody is indeed a praise to the God who holds the stars in place.

In this sacred place filled with worship, God Himself is wooing me, offering me more of Him, more of me, more of all there is to experience in this crazy life of mine. 

Is He really that intimate with me? More to discover, more to enjoy, more to love, more to delight in.

I stand still, wondering if He somehow created this path today just to illustrate His point. 

Is He really that big?

“Yes, Lord, I accept.”

The birds’ song explode to new heights, and my feet skip-a-dancing.


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