Living from Your Future Self


Did you ever consider what your process is for making decisions? Do you decide to do what you do because of your circumstances, or how you feel that day, or just because it seems the right thing for the moment?

I have discovered a way of making decisions that changes everything. Ready?

Back from the Future

First, you must know what you are after. Let’s use a certain body size for example-your goal in the next three months is to drop two pants sizes.

Here is the process:

  • visualize what you are after in terms of your goal. Put yourself in the place where you will be in the future, feel it now, look at it now in minute details.

“I am a size 10. I wear stylish clothes and I am not embarrassed in public. I live my life out loud and I don’t hide. I choose foods that nourish my body, I honor my body and I make movement a priority, especially on the weekends.”

  • Who are you once you have achieved that goal? How do you think? What do you do? How do you see the world? How do you interpret things differently than you used to?

“I don’t have issues with food. Food is lovely but doesn’t have more importance in my life than it needs to. I eat like a normal person and I choose foods that nourish me. I don’t obsess over my weight. I have a life filled with other good things.” 

  • Make decisions in view of being there. How do you dress? What do you eat for breakfast? Where do you live? What do you speak about? How do you spend your free time?

“When I am a size 10, would I do this thing?” If the answer is no, just don’t do it.

“When I am a size 10, would I take the time to do this, that or the other?”

Be “it” Now!

The person you are in the future and the way that person thinks is truly what can create the results you want in your life.

Write down what you want to create. Go there completely. Then come back in the now and live it day in and day out.

It can really be that simple.

I know it sounds simplistic, but I dare you to try it! If you are interested, email me here, and I’ll send you a free pdf with a letter you can write to yourself from the future! And as always, please share this blog post with the people in your life who need to hear it!

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