Did You Know that Your Thoughts Affect the Health of Your Brain?

You can decide how intelligent you want to be.

Did you know that your thoughts actually influence your own intelligence? You are as intelligent as you want to be–whether a toxic intelligence or a healthy one.

Intelligence is grown with the thoughts that you choose to entertain.

Mind influences matter!

All day long you think, choose and build structures in your brain.

Two weeks ago, we saw that the thoughts you and I think are entities which are very much alive, growing into structures that look like trees in the brain.

Your thoughts actually change your brain. This can be great news or a disaster. Because if you do not change your brain positively, you are actually changing it in a negative direction–there is no neutral setting.

Your brain can make you sick.

If you constantly think toxic thoughts, you are actually building toxicity in your brain. This toxicity causes inflammation that literally destroys brain tissues.

Here is the science simplified behind this: when we have a toxic thought, we build a physical protein structure. Because we are wired for good, our brain has no substance to build something negative and we wind up building an incorrect substance–everything goes haywire.

Our thought life is the first cause of most illnesses– 75 to 98 % of ALL diseases come from our thought life!

Whether we see them or not, our toxic choices have physical consequences in our brain.

The good news!

The good news is this: wherever you direct your attention, your mind will follow.

Wherever you put your attention, that is what you are building.

And no one can make you put your attention here or there. This is yours to decide.

So, in every way that matters, you get to choose where your life is going. In my book, that is fantastic news!

You actually create your own positive or negative reality. I will address this more in two weeks. For now, let yourself be aware of the thoughts in your mind–are they fostering a good environment for your brain or not?

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