Do You have a Board of Directors for your Life?

Companies have mission statements and board of directors that keep them accountables, but most individuals do not.

What if you did?

What would your own Life Board of Directors look like?

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine it:

  • It is made of 2-5 people to whom you reach out regularly, as well as when life gets confusing or super exciting.
  • They are open to you asking them for advice, brainstorm new possibilities, build accountability and support you
  • You get to reciprocate the favor.

It would be like having a new compass in life.

You do not live or work in isolation.

Our lives are certainly the result of our own choices, but we can all benefit from the wisdom, experience, perspective and feedback of others whom we value in order to make those choices.

A board of directors has many benefits:

  • It helps you stay on track and honest as you grow,
  • It teaches you transparency,
  • It is a great sounding board,
  • It puts you in a position where you make yourself accountable,
  • It can point you to possible red lights,
  • It can uncover your blind spots,
  • It gives you a sense of community–you are not alone.


Every study points to the fact that having a dream is not enough–you need accountability.

You have to own your dream. You have to set goals that are realistic and not too broad. You have be consciously decide to achieve it, then be specific and committed. Then, you have to have a WHEN and an HOW.

This is where your board of directors comes in!

When you have a specific, scheduled and regular accountability appointments with someone (or someones) who has made it clear that they are committed to you, you not only feel compelled to honor them, but you also stop making easy excuses, you work hard, you are keenly aware that your actions will be measured.

And your performance dramatically increases.

Who should be on your life board of directors?

The success of your board will depend on the depth of the mutual relationship.

It matters who is on your board. It’s not specifically going to be your best friend. Here are ways to find the members of your board:

  • Look for someone who
    • can keep his/her distance.
    • is not afraid to call you out on things
    • can be “light” to help you reenergize when necessary
  • Look for someone you admire and has the skills you want to develop
  • Don’t be hindered by age. You may want to have some much younger or much older people on your board, as they offer a completely different perspective.

Wanna get started?

1. Make a list of 10-12 various people who could be on your board.

2. Widdle it down to 3-6.

3. Make a specific plan of what that accountability/think tank partnership would look like:

  • How often would you meet
  • Do you want them to ask questions or do you want to speak first and have them respond?
  • How will you be kept accountable?
  • How long is the meeting?
  • Is it a video meeting or an in-person meeting?
  • How will you reciprocate?

4. Approach people and get the ball rolling by having an informal dinner with all the possible candidates and presenting your visions for the board.

Do you have experience with a board of directors? Do tell in the comments! And if you know someone who could use this blog post, don’t be selfish–please share!


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