Is There such a Thing as Serendipity?

Serendipity, noun: an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

A few years ago, we bought a vacation home and named it Serendipity. The name seemed absolutely appropriate, as the house came to us as a result of a series of amazing events that just simply ushered us into it.

I have thought many times about Serendipity since then–besides the fact that I love how that word sounds.

Is Serendipity serendipitous?

Here is what I have observed in life:

Serendipity happens because we are choosing it.

As we change, God furthers and expands that change.

“Overnight” successes take 20 or so years.

Let’s examine these for a minute, and you’ll be able to draw your own conclusions:


1.Serendipity happens because we choose it.

Isaac Newtons’ discovery of the law of gravitation was serendipitous: He watched an apple fall from a tree and understood gravity. Amazing! But this little revelation came to Mr. Newton after years of working on the problem.

Pleasant surprises come to us when we invite them.



Life is a truly a path with many forks–many choices. Each fork taken moves us towards the reality we choose in the long run. Each fork taken brings about the serendipity we look at with awe.

  • Our “Serendipity” vacation house was purchased serendipitously after having saved for such a house.
  • In the back of my mind, I have always wanted to own some kind of a lake house, and my eye always homed in on water. Serendipity happens to be perched over a lake.
  • As our household multiplied with grandchildren, we all talked about a home where we could all be comfortable in. Serendipity has five bedrooms and five bathrooms, perfect for this growing family.
  • We are people who function best in light. Serendipity feels like the outside jumps on the inside.


2. As we change, God furthers and expands that change.

God, the Creator, is.

He has deposited in us part of who He is–every human being ever created has creative powers within.

As we yield to them, we change. As we move in faith in the act of creation, God meets us. And serendipity happens.

John Burroughs said, “Leap, and the net will appear.” This is at the chore of Serendipity: the moment we commit, providence shows up. The moment we choose to create, we have. This is faith in its purest form.

This is Serendipity.

3.”Overnight” successes take 20 or so years

You become an overnight success by putting in the work in the lonely years. You become an overnight success by working for that moment until it happens. It’s really that simple.

Overnight success, is that Serendipity? According to my definition of Serendipity, one hundred percent YES!

So, my friend, what is YOUR conclusion? I invite you to start a conversation in the comments. And if you happen to know someone who thinks you are just so lucky because everything seems to be working out your way, would you mind sharing this blog post with them?

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