Will changing your Thoughts help at all?

We people are a funny bunch.

We will change anything in our lives in an attempt to feel better. And so we’ll go about changing how we look and changing jobs and buying a new house and moving to a new town and finding a spouse or getting rid of a spouse–just so we can feel better!

But when it comes to questioning and changing our thoughts, most of us say, “I can’t change that!  That’s just the way I am, that’s not up for discussion.”

And the irony is, of course, that the only thing that will actually help us feel better is changing our thoughts.

All the other stuff–how we look, our job, our house, where we live, our spouse — changing those might make us feel momentarily better, but it’s never going to sustain us in the long-run. And we all know it!  

How many times have you just thought, “If I could just get a new job” or “If I just didn’t live in this tiny apartment” or “If I could just move to the city I want to be in.” Right? And then you did it, and after a while you were just as miserable.

Changing your situation doesn’t sustain us in the long run because what’s really creating how we feel is what we’re thinking.

That’s why we have to be open to looking at our thoughts, questioning them and being and willing to change. And that’s hard work. 

I know!


Been there, done that. Doing it every.single.day!

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