Learn to kick butt  both in life and business

No more Overwhelm

Find Time you did not know you had 

After years of juggling owning a few businesses (from Fundraising to MLM) and being a mom of three teen-agers, I know first-hand the crazy pressure of not enough time or energy for it all. I understand "overwhelm."

I have become passionate about helping YOU maintaining your sanity while kicking butt in business and life.

I'm gonna be your best coach. You bounce your baby on your hip while doing business deals on the phone, and I'll be your crazy cheerleader on the sidelines. 

Do you want to stop missing out on date nights and baseball games, or important business meetings? Do you want more time and less drama or guilt in your life as you tackle your growing business and your family life? 

I'm here to tell you it's possible, and I'll show you how. 

In just 10 minutes a day, you're going to learn how to keep your sanity by coaching yourself from the inside out. And as you do, you'll find more joy, less guilt, and certainly more time for clients, baseball games, dance recitals, guilty pleasures (smoothie on the patio for me), date nights and most importantly, YOU!

True story here: When I was a Personal Trainer, I had a client who came to me because she felt "awful all over" and wanted to lose some weight. As we began to work together, I noticed that every time she saw herself in the wall-to-wall mirror, she'd stare and say, "You Ugly Fat Cow!"

She thought it. She believed it. She said it. 

She did not  lose an ounce.

I challenged her to create better thoughts. She fought me hard, but eventually she yielded.  

And as if by magic, her body changed.

The story on the inside always becomes the reality on the outside.

How you think determines your results.

Allison's husband was divorcing her, and she had to rediscover who she was. Instead, she put on lots of weight and felt sorry for herself. When she woke up and started to coach herself, she sold her house, moved to another state and started a beautiful new life and business.

Krista had a stroke and couldn't use the left side of her body any longer. She lost her laughter and her hope. I taught her to coach herself, she stepped out of dispair and is making daily progress.

Quick Science Lesson:

Your thoughts translate in chains of protein in our brains, actually changing the physical landscape of your brain. 

When you keep rehearsing the same toxic thoughts, these neuro-pathways (chains of protein that look like trees) get stronger and become non-conscious.

You actually begin to create evidence for them. They become your reality 24/7.

But unless you become aware that this is happening, you are forever stuck!

As you learn to coach yourself, you begin to recognize your thoughts. That's the first step. Then, you can learn to let go the ones that work against you, and replace them  with thoughts that help you. 

You'll no longer let sticky business situations or crazy schedules dictate your days and mood.

You'll become intentional about your time, your choices, your thoughts and your happiness. 

And somehow, you'll have more time, more money, more happiness.

And you'll lose all the guilt.

It's beautiful.


Wanna journey with me?

What the



looks like:


You've got choices, because we all grow differently!


  • Monthly and weekly worksheets --you can call them funsheets--(including videos explaining the daily work) 
  • Opportunity to ask me any question by email; I won't leave you hanging! 



  • Monthly and weekly worksheets--you can call these funsheets-- (including videos explaining the daily work) 
  • Opportunity to ask me any question by email; I won't let you hanging!
  • A weekly group coaching video call every Monday night with a maximum of 6 people on the call so everyone can interact,
  • All video calls are recorded and sent to you within 24 hours of the call,
  • Monthly review of "the Model," 
  • Individual live coaching in the group setting for those who want it, 
  • Live Q and A about anything you want. 



  • Monthly and weekly worksheets--you may call these worksheets-- (including videos explaining the daily work) 
  • Opportunity to ask me any question by email; I won't leave you hanging!
  • A weekly one-on-one coaching video call that is recorded and sent to you within 24 hours of the call. 
  • Accountability as needed, daily if necessary. I only take four clients at a time so that I can dedicate myself to each one. 




MONTH ONE: Circumstances don't need  to Make You Crazy 

I know that's a pretty bold statement, but it's true. During this first month, you will understand that "facts" don't have any emotional pull until we give them meaning; this is ridiculously amazing once you get it!You will no longer be at the mercy of your customers, calendar, kids or downline. You will learn to be in the driver's seat of every part of your life.


MONTH TWO: Building Confidence 

This is a CRAZY month where you will grow all kinds of confidence. You will be challenged to do uncomfortable things, and you will grow evidence for yourself that you actually can do them! Talk about life-changing.


MONTH THREE: Organizing Your Mind and Your Life

You will see how an organized life and an organized mind go hand- in-hand and you will take massive action to accomplish both. By the end of the month, you will feel better about your work/home life balance, and be the boss of your appointment book. 


MONTH FOUR: Relationships 

We all have "difficult" people in our lives. Okay, let's be honest and call them "impossible" people. This month, you are going to be super intentional about difficult relationships. You will take action and choose thoughts that help you instead of tear you apart. This will be transformational!


MONTH FIVE: Believing New Things 

By now, you get that you need to choose your thoughts wisely. This month, you are going to learn to believe new things that you do not believe yet by harnassing your mind. You are going to take action, and these new things will become your reality. Powerful stuff!


MONTH SIX: Emotional Balance 

Emotions are so the trigger for our actions. This month, you are going to notice the difference between indulgent and useful emotions. You will practice being purposeful about the emotions you allow. This will give you so much leverage in all of your life! 


Barb is all about your success and knows exactly when to push and when to be soft. She changes lives.

Barb is  a very thoughtful and well informed life coach who really is invested in what she does for the success and well being of her clients.

I can’t put my finger on what it is exactly, but there is something about Barb Croce, that when you are in her presence, you want to be your best self. Then, when she coaches you–no matter what your goal–she leads you down this path and when you get to where you are going, you find yourself even better than your best.



    A. Keep Your Sanity Flying Solo: $50/month

    You can cancel anytime!



    B. Flying Together: Keep Your Sanity: $130.00/month

    You can cancel anytime!

    (six people maximum)



    C. I'll Keep You Accountable! Keep Your Sanity: $230.00/month

    You can cancel anytime!

    (4 spots available only)



    1. Old-fashioned Journal with 100 Quotes

    There's nothing like pen and paper to work on your brain, so I have hand-picked this lovely journal for you. It contains 100 quotes that will inspire and motivate you. I'll send it as soon as you sign up! Use it for this course, or for whatever your heart desires!

    2. How to Get it Done--Only Ever Available to KEEP YOUR SANITY Course Owners

    This bonus is available to you within seconds of signing up. It's a blueprint to getting a specific goal from non-existence to fully operational in 30 days. This could be a chapter in a book, a stand-alone program, a webpage, a plan for date nights for the whole year, a new business, a leaner body, three new clients... You pick, and I'll help you get there. I promise it works if you follow the plan.

    3.  How to Change Your Past

    Most of us think that our past is our past and we can't do anything about it. We are stuck with the bad memories that make us who we are. I say it isn't so! Here is a short video as a preview of what you are going to get! I am excited for you. I'll send this one a month after you are into the self-coaching course, so that you don't feel like you have too much too fast!

    4. Completion Bonus

    This one is a surprise! It will come to you after you are done with your six months course!


    I promise that this coaching course will give you a huge chunk of your sanity back if you do the daily work. I have seen it happen so many times that I am completely confident in your success. However, I want you to feel completely confident in your decision to embark on this journey, so know that if you do all the work and don't feel that I delivered on my promise, I will gladly refund you your money for up to 7 days. The bonuses are yours to keep.