Dear Momtrepreneur,

You are amazing.

For the longest time, I was you. Juggling a fundraising business during the daytime, basketball games at night, planning meals, cooking meals, cleaning up after meals, alarm clocks, and dentists appointments, going to conferences, trying to find time for date nights, feeling guilty, falling into bed exhausted, scrubbing the toilets on the weekend… Building a network marketing business, taking business trips… you know exactly what I am talking about.

So when I say you are amazing, I mean it. Because it’s even harder nowadays than it was when I did it.

My kids grew up and left home. Now I get to dote on five beautiful grandchildren! It happens, I promise.

I wound up giving up the fundraising business and building a successful network marketing one instead, and I am enjoying the residual income up to this day. But it honestly never made my heart sing.

Helping montrepreneurs beat overwhelm does.

And that’s why I am passionate about YOU, Momtrepreneur!

I became a Certified Life Coach, and I specialize in helping extra busy Moms beat overwhelm.

I do it by teaching them how to coach themselves.

Because when you become aware of your own thoughts, you realize their power. And then, you can learn to manage your mind so that you are in the driver’s seat of your life, not your calendar, your kids, your business, your lack of time, your frustrations, your sick kids, your questions, or your difficult customers.

I developed an online coaching program to help you. It involves 10 minutes of daily self-coaching and an option for weekly individual or group coaching with me. Check it out by clicking HERE.

And I am available if you want to book a free mini-session with me to talk it over or tackle any pressing issue you might have. I am here for you.