One-on-One Coaching

Sometimes, you just need someone to come alongside to motivate you to get up out of the couch, or help you take the next step.

And that next step, it can look like figuring out your life purpose, or setting up a schedule to compete in a sporting event, reorganizing your life after the kids leave for good, going shopping for a funeral, losing weight, learning to write, giving a difficult phone call, changing career…

That can be pretty daunting.

And sometimes, you don’t even know what that next step is, or whether you can actually handle it. And it would be so nice to have someone to help you to figure it out, or implement it, or even help you come up with a plan.

Partnering with you on this adventure and empowering you to step up to the plate, that’s what my own life purpose is. And I do it well.

Together, we will put the pieces of the puzzle together, give you the confidence you need, see you soar and regain your smile.

Together, you and I.

Every next step matters because you matter, and living your life like you mean it is what it’s all about.


What does One-on-One Coaching look like? 

  • We both commit to work with each other one month at a time.
  • Each month that I am coaching you, you will get 4 zoom calls (video calls) up to 60 minutes each with me that will be recorded and sent to you after our session together. During the calls, we will discuss where you are at and I will coach you on your mind set. Together, we’ll come up with an action plan. You’ll decide how you will keep yourself accountable to me until the next call, and I will be available to you through email, text and messenger to help you on your journey.
  • Check out the Coaching Agreement for more details.

Your commitment:

  • Commit to this coaching season
  • Show up prepared and on time for the calls
  • Do the work we agree on
  • Stay accountable to me

My commitment:

  • Show up prepared for all the calls
  • Coach you through your issues
  • Help you reframe your thoughts
  • Help you pick new actions for new results
  • Send you all call recording
  • Keep you accountable
  • Be available to you through text, messenger and email and reply to your messages within 24 hours–most often, within the hour.


Sounds  great or intriguing? Want to investigate this some more? Click HERE to book a mini-session with me, and we can talk!




I quickly realized as I started my life coaching with Barb that she is truly there to help me. She has a way of caring that is helpful and special. I set goals, and met my goals, and she has been there with me throughout the entire process. Barb has helped me see my situation CLEARLY, although I was stuck in the middle of it and could not grasp around it to find my way out. She is my friend and my mentor, and I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone. 

Nicole Z.


I can’t put my finger on what it is exactly, but there is something about Barb Croce, that when you are in her presence, you want to be your best self. Then, when she coaches you–no matter what your goal–she leads you down this path and when you get to where you are going, you’ll find yourself even better than your best. 

          Laurie K.