What is Superposition, and why does it Matter?


Did you ever notice how everything in life seems to be somehow related and connected? Just like your body–the toe may be as far from the forehead as physically possible, yet they are a part of the same body and are receiving nutrients from the very same blood.

In the same way, every choice that you make is somehow going to be connected and related to the next choice, and the next, and the next. And the choices that you are making today are driven by your nonconscious mind where you are storing all of the choices (thoughts) you have decided on thus far in your life.

That’s enough to make your head spin from today until forever!


Imagine a surfer looking at a wave in front of him.

He can choose to ride the wave or not. He can look at the probabilities that have not yet happened and choose what he will do. As he chooses one way, he collapses the possibility of another choice. This is the very simplistic explanation of the concept of superposition in Quantum Physics.


This concept matters because it makes it clear that you have a lot to say about the future you will have. As you collapse certain possibilities, you not only create a specific future for yourself in view of the choice but you also physically change the substance of your brain, thus making it ready for other choices. Here again,  you can see how everything is related and connected.

The choices you make create a physical reality on the outside and on the inside of you, and you will act from that new reality.

Whether you choose correctly or not,  the choice you made will collapse a probability into a reality.

When you choose, you build substance.

When you choose, you build evidence. You turn what was a nothing into a something.

As I wrote two weeks ago, you indeed create our own negative or positive reality.

What choice can you make today that might affect the rest of your life? Please comment! And don’t be selfish–someone you know might need this blog post, so share it!

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