Six Weeks to a Happy Mind

Is there a gap between how you do life and how you feel life should be?

Are you ready to stop the torment of negative thoughts inside your head?


Is a "Happy Mind" even possible?

Yes, yes, yes! 


I love the Lord but felt shame because I was depressed while having a great life.

I love the Lord but was confused about wanting to accept myself and lose weight all at the same time.

I love the Lord but felt like a victim while knowing I was supposed to be a conqueror.


I love the Lord but certainly was not winning the war of taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.

But I got myself out of that whirlwind, and am still doing it.

Every. Single. Day!


Whether the torment has to do with  relationships, weight, purpose, career, children, finances, time management or any other issue, it's thee toxic thought patterns that hinder a full life of peace and purpose.

Combining the knowledge of brain and thought science with the Word of God, the SIX WEEKS TO A HAPPY MIND process brings you to the place where you gladly take your thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ. You will find that your toxic thoughts are dissolving, your brain is rewiring, and you are building a happier life for yourself.

By doing the daily work (10 minutes or so), you will:

  • Grasp the importance of managing your thought life
  • Destroy entire networks of toxic thoughts
  • Learn to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ,
  • Build new, healthy thoughts
  • Prove to yourself that you are free to choose,
  • No longer feel like a victim in ANY situation
  • Be empowered to choose your thoughts,
  • Understand how you can make your brain work FOR you, and
  • Live in a new mindset.


Is that even possible?

Yes, yes, yes! 


As you go through the short daily process, you will find yourself helped concerning ANY LIFE SITUATION--from car pool frustration to abuse!

This is utterly amazing, and yet it is not: when we do things according to the way God set them up to be, our "normal" changes drastically.

This is a unique approach that guarantees results.

What is


 Your roadmap to mind freedom!

This roadmap is designed as:

  1. An online self-paced process that you can do as fast or as slow as you wish.
  2. An Introduction plus 6 online modules. Each new module will become available once you finish the one before.
  3. Each module has a written lesson, a video and practice sheets.
  4. A private Facebook group where you can share your thoughts, ask any question you might have and make new long-lasting friendships.


All you will need to get going is 10 minutes a day, a Bible and a journal.


What does this "SIX WEEKS TO A HAPPY MIND" look like?


Each week, you will watch the video and read the lesson.

Each day, you will do the daily work that includes prayer, thought work, journaling and one meaningful but not time-consuming activity. Altogether, this will require 10 minutes, plus a few seconds several times throughout the day.

Your membership to this course will never expire, so you can come back to it over and over again.





WEEK ONE: The Proverbs 23:7 Explained

During your first week, you will realize that your thought life is what causes you torment, not your situation. You will practice being aware of your thoughts and you will start to shift them so that they serve you rather than harass you.

You will start tasting a new empowering freedom that is absolutely marvelous, and your thankfulness to God will grow because of it!

WEEK TWO: You Are a Neuro-Plastician

God made us a three-part being, and your mind is neither your spirit, nor your brain (body). The quality of your mind (thought life) determines the quality of your life, and God has given you authority over it.

This week, you will begin to actually change your life by changing your thoughts and becoming aware of the environment you are living in. Every day, you will work on your environment so that it serves you rather than oppress you. This is such a vital step to your freedom of mind.

WEEK THREE: Taking Thoughts Captive

This is an exciting week as you will begin a 21 day brain detox on one specific thought that the Holy Spirit will show you.

You will leap for joy (maybe literally--I did!) as you see Him leading you into a liberty you did not even know existed! This will make you thirsty for more.

WEEK FOUR: Interconnection

As you continue your journey of progressive personal freedom, you will begin to notice how all of your thoughts are connected to each other, and there are huge ramifications to the toxic and the healthy thoughts you have been practicing.

With that in mind, we will touch on UNFORGIVENESS and HEREDITY, and you will become empowered when you realize that you have a God-given choice concerning just about everything that goes on in your life.

WEEK FIVE: No Longer Victim

I love this week, because you will come out having let go of all the places you think of yourself as a victim. Your daily work will cement this new freedom.

Talk about being empowered by the Word of God!

WEEK SIX: The Responsibility of Choice

You will finish this course on a sober but incredibly wonderful note: God has equipped you to choose well. You will have a much clearer sense of the will of God for your life right now, and you will feel wonderfully alive.

You are now ready to continue to watch over your heart daily and manage your thoughts for the glory of God!

Here is what one person had to say:

I know that the Holy Spirit was flowing through you as you wrote this. It's a simple, powerful, gentle tug from God.

Here is another reaction to the SIX WEEKS TO A HAPPY MIND program:

Holy Spirit birthed this program, and your work shows that you have been the program's first student. It has the potential of changing a person's whole life--just latching on to what God says and applying a very specific word to a reader's life. Doing just that everyday will change EVERYTHING. I am excited to work with Holy Spirit.

And this testimony just came in:

I can't imagine not having the program as part of my morning routine. I'm excited today about dismantling another tentacle of the old toxic thought. I feel stronger and freer after each practice. The exercises to take authority in my internal environment are the very best. It's been good.

I made this program as affordable as I could

so that as many of you as possible can participate.

Your investment? US $37.

And I am using a portion of every registration

to help those who truly cannot afford it.

Ready to get started?

I can't wait to see your life change!

If you don't feel you were helped at all after working though the SIX WEEKS TO A HAPPY MIND, contact me and I would be very happy to refund your investment!

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