What’s up with these ridiculously small seeds?

Sometimes, seeds are planted into us and we let them grow into beautiful entities.

Someone told me once that I was a good listener and I asked great questions. I believed her, and I become a life coach, totally fulfilling my purpose in life. I thank God every day for that seed planted in me!

Sometimes, we are the ones planting seeds in ourselves.

Either way, seeds are at the very core of all we are.

They are so very small but oh-so-powerful. I mean, look at the acorn and the massive oak tree, right?



Seeds look dead.

And if we don’t bury them in the ground where it is dark and wet, they never come to life.

We must sow, nurture, and water them. We must keep weeds away from them. We must love them into seedlings.

And as we care for these seedlings, they have a chance to grow stronger and stronger, until they become what they were meant to be.


I love the possibility that seeds hold.

Power in the tiny. 

Power in the growth.

Potential unlimited.


And just as the oak tree sleeps in the acorn, your very future sleeps in your dream.

How are YOU going to bring it to life?

Here are a couple of questions to help you figure it out:

  • What makes me feel happy and fulfilled?
  • If I could do anything and wouldn’t fail, what would I choose?

This thing you would choose, it can be YOUR seed.

Will you own it?

Will you sow it, nurture it, water it, keep it weed-free, protect it from the wind and allow it to come to fruition? Allow it to bear much fruit?

Your life is etched within the seeds you choose to plant and nurture.






What is YOUR SEED? Please let me know! I’d love to help you discover it or sow it if you would like support! It starts with scheduling a free discovery mini-session with me! See you there.

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