Working on our Precious Mental Health together

My name is Barbara Isaac and I am the founder of Barbara Isaac Coaching where I inspire, motivate and challenge women to think on purpose, leaving behing any kind of victim-mentality and helplessness. 


I did not start the work of the work of self-coaching because I was an incredibly messed-up human being, but more because having everything a person could ever want to have, I still did not feel happy or fulfilled in the life I had.

I couldn't find my purpose, I procrastinated, I buffered...

I have been looking for the answer to "why am I not fulfilled?" for the last thirty years, diving in the world of working on my mind, working on my body, working on my spirit, and not finding the necessary tools to move out of my funk.

Until I discovered that my whole life --the good, the bad and the ugly--revolves around my thinking.

This changed EVERYTHING.

How you think determines your life.

Quick lesson here:

As you think, you change the physical landscape of your brain, and this determines your level of happiness.

The more you think a thought, the stronger the neuro-pathways in your brain are--they look like trees, so imagine trees with a very, very strong root!

So when you keep rehearsing the same toxic thoughts over and over again, you are completely stuck, and you feel totally dissatisfied, regardless of any great things happening in your life.

That’s where I was for thirty years.

     NO MORE!!! 

I learned to create thoughts that serve me.

I now know my purpose and live accordingly.

I now have boldness to my "can't" into "can.

I no longer let situations dictate where my mind goes.

And I can take you with me! 

Wanna journey with me?




  • A monthly coaching meeting on the 4th Saturday of each month at 10 am through video conferencing. All video calls will be recorded and sent to you for your review within 24 hours of the call. The calls will last up to 45 minutes, depending on the number of participants and the needs expressed.
  • During our meeting, I always review "the Model" for more understanding as you go along, and I also review how to actually coach yourself.
  • Every month, you are introduced to another concept of self-coaching and I teach you how to use it.
  • You receive clear worksheets and homework to do every day of the month; homework should not last more than 15 minutes daily. 
  • You have the opportunity to ask questions and be coached on any subject you want at every meeting.




MONTH ONE: Circumstance never Need to Hinder You 

First things first:"facts" don't have any emotional pull until you give them meaning; this is such an empowering truth. Once you get it, you no longer need to feel victimized, and your worth has nothing to do with any of your situations. 


MONTH TWO: Building Confidence 

It's time to consider where confidence comes from. This month, you'll grow your confidence like never before by daring to do uncomfortable things, and you'll discover that you actually can do difficult things! Fun times ahead.


MONTH THREE: Organizing Your Mind to Overcome 

An organized life and an organized mind go hand- in-hand. You're going to take massive action to accomplish both. By the end of the month, you'll for sure feel better about your outside and your inside life. 


MONTH FOUR: Relationships 

You can be very intentional about the relationships in your life, whether you see them as useful, painful, blessed, disempowering or uplifting. You'll learn to choose your thoughts and actions on purpose concerning your relationships. This will be transformational!


MONTH FIVE: Discover and Move into Your Life Purpose 

By now, you have grown so much in your awareness of the power of your thoughts. This month, you'll dig deeper into  your life purpose and take daily action in view of it, moving you forward in your calling. 


MONTH SIX: Emotional Balance 

Emotions are so very powerful, because they trigger your actions. It's time toconsider the difference between indulgent emotions and useful emotions, whether you see them as "good" emotions, or bad "emotions." You'll practice observing your emotions and being purposeful about the ones you allow. 


Note: This program runs on a rotation base, so regardless of when you join, you will have access to all six trainings and all the information and worksheets included in each.

Barb is all about your success and knows exactly when to push and when to be soft. She changes lives.


Barb is  a very thoughtful and well informed life coach who really is invested in what she does for the success and well being of her clients.

I can’t put my finger on what it is exactly, but there is something about Barb Croce, that when you are in her presence, you want to be your best self. Then, when she coaches you–no matter what your goal–she leads you down this path and when you get to where you are going, you find yourself even better than your best.


    Your SIX MONTHS GROUP COACHING PROGRAM investment is a one time payment of $450.00.  

    Any question? Please email me at

    “Thank you for your caring, knowledgeable guidance in this course.  I genuinely appreciate your  help. I especially appreciated the personal coaching and the caring attitude of the facilitator. A tremendous value; I’m so glad I participated.”