Success Leaves Clues

Everything in life has patterns that we can learn from, including success.

Interested in knowing more? Here are five fundamental characteristics of successful people:



Successful people are committed to personal growth; they are open to change. They read, study, hang out with other people who are also on a growth path. They understand that they need to always grow their brain, and they have discovered that growth often means leaving the comfort zone of familiarity, but they are willing to do that.


But don’t worry, that does not mean they were born with it…

Confidence is a choice and a habit, it’s a decision, not a feeling. We perform at the level of our confidence, not our ability… Confidence is a living, breathing thing that must be nurtured daily. And here is a major key to strengthen confidence and keep it up: self-care. We have to see that we are our number one asset and that we need to gently, consistently deposit positive seeds inside of us.


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Successful people clearly understand WHAT they want and WHY they want it. They are able to state their goals specifically and positively and they write them down.  They also do not work in “all or nothing” terms; they are okay with small steady progress.


Successful people are willing to take imperfect actions. Part of creating what we want and who we want to be requires taking steps to get there, even when we feel we are not ready yet. Most of us spend our lives getting ready to get ready to get ready, but if we do not learn to take imperfect actions, we will not move forward… Don’t wait until the fear is gone, or you have it all figured out. Start.


Quit tomorrow, that’s my motto. Just keep going today.

Persistence is simply a choice, a habit. Are you willing to work through the obstacles of today? Don’t look at tomorrow yet, just be present in the day that you are in. And consider gardens and seeds: if you quit watering and weeding before the seed comes to fruition, you won’t have the fruit you want. Some things just take time to come to the surface…

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