The Power of Reframing

So, what to do? How should we proceed?

1. Acknowledge

Be real and honest with yourself about what happened.

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2. Make a Plan to deal with it

If you are on a tight schedule, lay the issue down but set a meeting with yourself to deal with it. If you are able to deal with it right then and there, by all means, do that!

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3. Be curious

Bring to your conscious mind what happened, and ask yourself some questions: Why did the situation escalate and go the way it did? Why did I act this way? What triggered the action? How was I feeling? What was I thinking? Discuss with yourself what your triggers were. You will begin to gain insight into the issue. And when you start to understand your experiences, you can learn from them and eventually redesign them.

I personally like to write my insights into my journal; it helps me process it all.

4. Build new healthy thoughts

We know that our thoughts produce our feelings which trigger our actions which bring results. So it’s fair to say that it is our thoughts first of all that are the source of our results

So, in the situation where your results where not as you wanted them to be, what thought do you need to create to change your feelings, and therefore your actions and your results? Start brainstorming these!

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