Waiting For Isaiah

All of our feelings are produced by our thoughts, and thoughts are like pieces of clothing that we wear. They either make us feel great or not.

We all (small and big people) can choose our thoughts on purpose.

When faced with a situation that feels challenging, we can learn to navigate it well by choosing true thoughts that serve us.


The Children’s Book,

Waiting for Isaiah

will be released in the late fall of 2018.


Waiting for Isaiah is the story of two little girls, Isabel and Margot, who are tired of waiting for their baby brother Isaiah to “pop out.” It’s been sooooo long, and still, they don’t know when he will finally come out.

Grand’ma comes to visit and speaks to them about how to use their thoughts to wait well.

Isabel, the four-year-old, decides on some new thoughts. Margot, the two-year-old, follows along.

By the end of the conversation, both girls are thrilled to wait!

I am so stinking excited about this book because I can use my gift as a writer and the skill of life-coaching to help kids choose thoughts that serve them rather than living without any awareness of what is going on in their minds.

This book is a life-changer for littles and bigs who will let it do its work in them–it is truly “coaching made simple.”

Allen Affolter is doing the illustrations. Here is a very basic sketch of what they will feel like: