What do You Make it Mean?

“It’s just a fact: you still owe us $10,000.00,” the lady said politely. “Your insurance just did not come through for you.”

As a result of these words, anger boils inside your belly, and fear rises in your chest. Where on earth are you going to find 10K? When is this nightmare ever going to be done?

Or does anger boil because of what you make the words mean?

“What do you make it mean?

Once you have the answer to that question, you are on your way to freedom!


Your husband, he just acts weird these days. Distant, distracted, lost.

As a result, you run with suspicions:

“He just doesn’t love me anymore.”

“He noticed that I put on two pounds.”

“He thinks that I am boring.”

“I just know he met someone else.”

Or did you run with suspicions because of what you made his “acting weird” mean?

The answer to that question, that’s the beginning of insight for you!

Your car won’t start for the second time this week.

Nobody remembered your birthday.

Your house is messy today.

Your evening with friends wasn’t what you expected it to be.

Your kids laughed at an inside joke.

The dinner you made wasn’t all that great.

Your boss is asking for a meeting with you.

Your co-worker looked at you “funny” today.

Are you upset because of these facts, or because of what you make them mean?


Here is the bottom line:

Facts are truly neutral.

The meaning we attach to them is what gives them an emotional impact on us.


And the great news is this:

We can choose what we make them mean!


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