Do You Like where Your Life is going?

Well, my answer to that used to be “yes and no,” depending on what was happening.

The problem with that line of reasoning is that whatever life throws at you determines your level of satisfaction in life. Not good!

Because if truth be told, you and I hold the responsibility for the direction and quality of our lives. We can decide where we want our lives to go.

Not in a God kind-of-way. More in a thought kind-of-way.

We get to decide what we think about everything.

And therefore where we go in life.

Because our thoughts change our brains,

and our brains determine our choices,

and ultimately what we do with our lives.

Let me explain this simply:

Thoughts translate into chains of protein that can be seen in the physical realm. They literally look like little trees in our brains.


The more we think a particular thought, the stronger the connections on the branches of the trees. That can be good or not, depending on the kind of thoughts we build.

Our thoughts create brain matter that in turn causes us to act a certain way and get specific results.

We act because of our thoughts.

Ultimately, our results are what they are because of our thoughts. 

If we want different results, we have to have different actions.

If we want different actions, we have to have different thoughts.

And that is fantastic news, because of the neuroplasticity of our brains: we can not only choose our thoughts, but we can also wire toxic thoughts out!

Of course, there is no magic anywhere! This “wiring out” will require purposeful work, but it is 100 % possible.

When we begin to dismantle toxic thoughts, an amazing parallel activity emerges: we start building good thoughts. This side-by-side process is simultaneous in our brains.

Eventually, the physical toxic thoughts dissipate in heat energy while new healthy ones are wired in and become automatic.

And it is beautiful!

So if your answer to the question, “Do You Like Where Your Life is Going?” was “no!” it’s time to start rewiring your brain for health.

Building healthy thoughts wires our entire lives for joy, purpose and peace.

Want to start? Stay tuned! We are going to talk a whole lot more about that!

You can also schedule a FREE mini session with me and I’ll get you on your way! It’s absolutely free, so you have nothing to lose!

Let me know in the comments what are your thoughts about the direction your life is going! And make sure you share this post with at least one person who could use some hope in their life.

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