Who Does Your Future Belong To?

Where does your future live?

This is a very interesting question, isn’t it? The answer is so simple: your future lives in your mind.

As a human, you can use your prefrontal cortex and to imagine a future better than your past.

You can actually have any future you want to have.




Who does your future belong to?

In all reality, it belongs to you.

Your future is your property.

You can imagine a dreadful future. If you do, you will feel dread because your imagination created a future you don’t like.

Your future is a decision.

You can decide to create a beautiful future.

How you make decisions

The way you make decisions is by creating alternative futures. Think about it.

Should I choose to marry this person? Should I take this job?

In order to decide, you create alternative outcomes in your mind. You are imagining different scenarios, you are creating outcomes in your mind. You probably weigh the pros and cons, and you consider what you know right now, but at the end, you make your decision based on an imaginary future you have created in your mind, and another (alternative) one. So you choose.

You make a decision. And you create your future.

Let’s use the job example. If you are very insecure, one future you might imagine is that you just won’t fit in, and you won’t be able to do the job, and you will get fired within the first two weeks. Another future you could imagine is that you will overcome your insecurities, do a super job,  please your employer and climb the corporate ladder. You will then make your decision based on these two alternative futures that you have created in your own mind, based on your own belief systems and your imagination.

Your future’s ingredients

Here they are:

  • the facts of what is happening now
  • your interpretation of your past
  • your belief system
  • your creativity and imagination

You can imagine whatever future you want. Your future is in your mind before it happens in the world.

Why would you choose to project onto your future a negative version of your past? Or why would you not make a plan for a future that you desire?

The future isn’t happening TO you

As humans, we often think of situations, “things” happening to us rather than accepting the responsibility of creating our lives.

There is no limit to your future

What would you imagine as your future if you had unlimited creativity and possibilities? What if anything was possible?

The only restrictions about your future are those you place on yourself because of the lens you are looking through.

What if you challenged that lens? What if you imagined a future bigger than your past? What’s the downside?

The downside is, you might wind up disappointed. But wouldn’t it be better than just disappointing yourself ahead of time without giving yourself a chance? Even if you are disappointed, you will have grown as a human being through the process, and you will be a better person.

But the thing is, you can’t have that future if you don’t dare creating it in your mind first.

The opportunities are endless, even if you aim higher than you are going to get to.


If you don’t aim, you won’t go anywhere.

Consider both futures

So, what do you want to create?

Start here:

  • Think right now about your future 10 years from now. Imagine two alternative amazing futures. Do not look at the trajectory of your default life. Do not make that an option. Make it better. Best case  scenario. Why not? For fun.
  • Enjoy those two alternative futures for just a minute before you decide.
  • Then decide on one, and know that the other one would have been great but this one’s going to be the best and choose it with all of your heart. All of your mind. You get to create your life.
  • Go about creating it!

My coach says, “Today is the best day, and tomorrow will be the best day.” It’s a choice.

What if you believed that for yourself?


I am here for you! Anytime you want to chat, just drop me a line. 

Please share with your friends whose future looks gloomy. It never, ever has to be.





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