Why Would Anyone do the Work of Self-Coaching? Part 2

Our thoughts drive our lives. 

Most of us think that our circumstances drive our feelings. Give us a nice house and a husband and we will be happy. But if truth be told, circumstances do not fulfill us. They may alleviate some pain for a short while, but if our thought life is not healthy, the same unhappiness will return over and over again. 

What really matters is what we think.

Because our thoughts create our feelings.

Our feelings drive our actions and our results.

Our thoughts ultimately create our result.

And here is the really great news: anyone of us can create new thoughts. It’s our God-given birthright. I did it and am doing it every single day. I can teach you how to do that.

We must accept that everything starts with our thoughts.


Self-coaching is the process of learning to explore what is going on inside of our mind, recognizing what doesn’t serve us and find a way to change it.  


Let me introduce to you “the Model” of how we function as Human Beings:

We have a circumstance that triggers thoughts.

Those thoughts create feelings.

Those feelings drive the actions that we take. 

Those actions give us the results we have.

When we live out of the habitual negative thinking that we have practiced, we are NOT going to get positive results. 

However, if we create new thoughts, we will create new feelings, and therefore new actions and new results. And we can do this without changing a thing about our circumstance at all!  

This is a dual process: letting go and building.

This is the power of self-coaching. Ready to take a step towards a happier mind?



1.Start thinking about what you are thinking about.

2. Once you identify a thought, ask yourself: is it serving me? Do I even want it? Is it current or outdated?

3. If one of your answers is “no,” it’s time to let it go.

Stay tuned! Next week, we will continue!


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