Life Coaching

There are times when you need someone to walk alongside you until you get there.

Someone to coach you through the rough spots, the deserts, the valleys, the painful decisions.

Someone to cheer you through the victories, the joys, the baby steps.

Someone who knows how to listen, be compassionate and get to the root of what’s going on.

I can be that person.

Whether you need to believe that you can finally lose these last 100 pounds, or you are trying to breathe through a pending unavoidable divorce, or you need to work on your mindset concerning your “challenging” child, or any other issue really, I am here for you.



I can’t help everybody, but if what you need is to work with your thoughts so they don’t work against you in your challenging life situation, I know that I can be of benefit to you.

Life coaching is like me holding a mirror up to you so that you can decide whether you are okay with what you see in the mirror. If not, I can walk alongside you as you create new thoughts that serve you and create a life worth living.

Wanna sign up for a free mini session on the phone with me so that we can get to know each other and you can tell me about you?

If so, simply click here.  When you click, you’ll be taken to a calendar where you can pick up to three possible times for our phone call, and a place “notes” for you to tell me a bit about you. I will read your note and get back to you. Even this small step will already set you up for more victory in your life. You will immediately feel much more in control.

The call is completely free, no strings attached! This is not a sales pitch in disguise. I will simply help you shift your mindset to one that serves you. 

If later you choose to work with me, we can go the distance together. Whether we work together for a month or two years, I’ll help you get to the other side, and you’ll know when you are there!

Looking forward to meeting you!


What people say about


You have a way of looking at things differently from the way I would look at them and that always gives me a different perspective, and your apporach to everything is done with love! P.G.

Your listening skills and compassionate heart make a person feel very “safe” talking with you. K. McG.

 I love your ability to ask insightful questions, and how you are able to distill a big problem down to the essential, root problem that must be dealt with before anything else. I appreciate your absolute, trustworthy confidentiality. I know I can bring a very personal issue to you and you will not only help me navigate through it but it will never ever go to anyone else. J.K.

I feel that I can be myself around you and I’m not judged…I don’t feel bad about myself or worthless after having communicated with you. S.H.

You have a way of making people feel supported–through your actions, words, and consistency. R.R.