You get to Choose your Past!

Your experience of your past is a choice.

I used to think that my past was what it was and that’s all there was to it. And honestly, that stank, because I didn’t think that my past was that great.

Until I started to really understand the amazing responsiblity that we human being carry: the choice of thoughts.

All of a sudden, I began to understand this profound truth: my past is what I choose it to be.


Yes, my past is what I choose it to be.

Your past is what you choose it to be.

We get to decide what we make our past mean in our life today.

Okay, before you decide that I am absolutely nuts, read on…

Your past no longer exist.

All you have from your past is your memory of it, right? It only truly exists in your brain. In your mind.

You and I only ever live in the moment. Once the moment is gone, it is a past experience. Then, we decide how we want to remember it.

Ever notice how you and your siblings don’t have the exact same memory of your past? Maybe you think that your mom made cookies every Sunday, and your brother remembers her hardly ever baking. Maybe you remember that your dad was funny, and your sister thought he was boring.

You remember the same moments differently.

Your past is simply a memory and you get to choose how you think about it.

In every way, the past no longer exists. It is really over. It cannot affect you today because it’s not here today.

Your past only lives in your brain and your mind. It is literally trillions of little tree-like structures in your brain (memories = thoughts), and you can actually change them.



You can change your experience of your past.

This is actually one of the best news around today.

If you don’t like how you remember your past, you are free to choose a different way to look at it.

Now let’s be clear about something: The circumstances (“facts”) in your past will never change, but what you make them mean can change everything.

How you think about our past is what affects you.

Not the actual circumstance.

What if that house fire where I lost everything means that I got to start all over and I am a hundred percent better off today than if the fire had not happened? What if the abuse you lived through serves to remind you that God is faithful and He now calls you to offer that truth to the people around you?

The pain you and I experience today about our past is the result of our thoughts about it, not the actual events that happened. The pain about our past is what we create when we think about it.

You and I can change how we choose to think about our past.

The truth is, it only defines us now in the way we are choosing to think about it.

The way you and I see our past is truly our decision.

So, what’s your past like?

Or rather, what do you want it to mean? Go ahead and enter your comment in the comments, and let’s talk.

And make sure to share this blog post with anyone who could use it–which, if we are going to be honest, is probably everyone you know!

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